Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC


This’s time to keep my word and here’re the docs I promised you.


It’s not a report in one file, it’s a big folder of docs devoted to Hillary Clinton that I found on the DNC server.

The DNC collected all info about the attacks on Hillary Clinton and prepared the ways of her defense, memos, etc., including the most sensitive issues like email hacks.

As an example here’re some files:

2016er Attacks – HRC Defense Master Doc [updated]

04.29.15 CGEP

2016 Democrats Positions Cheat Sheet 7-7-15

20150426 MEMO- Clinton Cash Unravels

Attacks on Clinton Family Members

Clinton Foundation Donors $25K+

Clinton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc FINAL

Clintons PFD 2015

HRC Defense – Emails

HRC Travel – Private Jets FINAL

MEMO — Clinton Cash Claims (2)

You can download the archive with all files using any of the links:

Don’t forget the pass: #GucCi2/0


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New docs from DNC network: lots of financial reports and donors’ personal data


Here I upload a new part of docs from the DNC network.

As Debbie Schultz from DNC said no financial information or secret documents were stolen.

It appears there are a lot of financial reports, donors lists and their detailed personal information including e-mail addresses and private cell phone numbers.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Who still doubts I extracted more than 2 files?

I got tons of files and docs!!!

Here are full personal data of donors:


And another one:


And one more:


Look at this financial report:


You’ll also find more interesting stuff in these docs:

Hillary for America Fundraising Guidelines from Agent Letter

HRC Personal and Purpose Driven ROY

2016 Red to Blue Memo

2015 JHS Roster

2015-03-22 Memo for Senior Staff

2015-2016 Contribution Limits (DCCC)

confirmed attendees april 2016

Convention Memo -12-15

Copy of DC Ind $1k Up

HFA Paid Media Traffic 3 9 16

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What is Wrong With Me?

What is wrong with me?

Over my 30-plus years on this planet, I have asked thousands of questions and pondered thousands more that never even had a chance to be asked. Of all these questions, there is one that has always lingered behind the rest…

What is wrong with me?

Act normal. Stupid. Loser. Quit being weird.

These were common phrases I remember hearing growing up. Words can hurt. Words can damage. Words can scar. These are things that we never think about until it is too late. Even today, when I am more than old enough to understand that sometimes words are only words, they still have a power over my feelings that I cannot control.

Over sensitive. Get over it.

What is wrong with me?

Everyone goes through periods in their lives where things just don’t seem to add up. Feeling inadequate and different is a normal part of life. For me, these periods have lasted more than 30 years. For some reason, I have always felt life was happening in front of me while I simply played the role of spectator.

What is wrong with me?

As a child, my nights were filled with wistful thoughts of the smiling faces and happy families I would watch on TV. Adulthood has overcome me, but I have not been able to overcome these feelings. No more fooled by the allure of TV land, my adult families consist of those seen through windows as I walk along the street. Surely, the happiness I see in these families must be for real?

What is wrong with me?

My inability to shake this self-loathing has not served me well, but I fear passing these same feelings onto my children. As much as I try to hold it in, the darkness I feel inside seeps out from time to time. How will I stop this leak before it’s too late for them?

What is wrong with me?

Veterans + Kansas = No Kids

While flipping through the crowded channels of the internet, I came across a story from earlier in the week that just made me irate…


Raymond and Amelia Schwab – photo from

Originally reported by the Daily Haze, the story of retired veteran Raymond Schwab and his wife Amelia is slowly making its way around the internet, though not nearly as fast as it should be. As a Gulf War veteran, Schwab had come home from a tour overseas with some medical issues, including the improperly named post-traumatic stress disorder (‘disorder’ signifies there is something wrong). The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs describes PTSD as a stress reaction after a traumatic event that does not go away or disrupts your life. These stressful reactions can come after any traumatic event like assault, natural disasters, and, of course, combat.

In the case of Raymond Schwab, his PTSD caused disruption to his life and came with a great deal of physical pain, as well. As he has been qualified for  a 50% disability rating, the VA prescribed a series of drugs and medications to help Mr. Schwab life a full life. As he describes it, these drugs “were making me crazy, they made me worse.”

In his search to find a way to calm the trouble inside him, Raymond ended up with a heroin habit. Knowing this was not the answer his family needed, he used cannabis therapy to overcome his addiction. With his medical marijuana card in hand, Schwab found a way to help overcome his addiction and help calm his PTSD and pain symptoms. That was great until he received a job offer from the VA and had to relocate to Topeka, Kansas, in 2013. Everything was going along swimmingly until Raymond and Amelia decided to transfer to a position with the VA in Denver.


As Raymond and his wife Amelia were packing up and getting ready to move back to Colorado, Amelia’s mother took the five Schwab children to police in another county. Her reasoning for this? The children were abandoned. According to the Denver Post, this is an action the mother now regrets, but as far as I see it, it’s too little, too late. If I were in Raymond’s shoes, I am afraid my children would grow up without  a grandmother.

Now, Raymond and Amelia are living in Colorado and fighting the state of Kansas for custody of their own children. Raymond is always prepared and carries around a tattered old briefcase with important documents. One of the papers in that old briefcase is the results of a Kansas child abuse investigation. The paper shows that after three months of investigation, all allegations of child abuse were dismissed as unsubstantiated.

Even after the three month waste of taxpayer money that shows the state of Kansas and that horrible grandmother were in the wrong, the Schwabs must deal with at least four months of drug testing in which each test must come back clean. Otherwise, they can say good-bye to their children for good.

kansas-26122_1280This is wrong on many levels. Let’s start with the state of Kansas and the legal system that regularly oversteps its boundaries and harms the people they claim to try and help. I have seen first hand the extents a court a will go to keep children away from loving parents. Unfortunately, when the courts overstep their boundaries and exert their power unjustly, the only thing that families like the Schwabs can do is hope for the best.

The four months of clean drug tests is also a joke. Marijuana is one of the only medications that will sit in your system for an extended period of time. No matter if you are a recreational user or a medical user, smoking today can make a drug test next month show up dirty. That means even is Raymond has stopped smoking, his drug tests will likely still come back positive for a month or two. The courts and legal system knows this and this is the reasoning behind these types of drug tests. While they claim to care about the children and drug use, Kansas is using the children and family of a military veteran to strip him of the freedoms he risked his life to save.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with issues from PTSD, please visit the VA PTSD Help Page to find out how you can find help and relief.

Children Vs TV: The Battle Begins

Seriously? Another blog post from some parent on the perils of television in our children’s lives? Great… Ugh.

alien-312271_1280Dude, I totally get it. It has been years now that I have been seriously reading up on how much television should be allowed in our kids’ lives. Far and wide, the general consensus by experts, parents, and those in the know is that TV is evil and should be limited to the same amount of time that you dedicate to cleaning under your couch every year. For me, I may as well just sell my TV since I am sure I have something living under my couch now… I call him Fluffy.

I disagree vehemently with most of these experts. Let me say right now that I have very little expert proof to back this opinion up. What follows is my own personal experience in my life and with my children. While being a pretty smart dude, I am in no way an expert. Just had to get that all outta the way. Now, on to my sound expert advice…

Let’s start right off the bat with this article from the University of Michigan on television and children. SPOILER ALERT: It does not end well for your TV. By looking at a whole bunch of data and studies throughout the years, the researchers have come up with facts and statistics on those who watch a lot of TV as a child. These results include things such as too much TV viewing by a child can lead to health problems (most notably obesity) as an adult and television discourages reading. I agree with both of these statements. If you simply sit your child in front of the TV and that’s it, then yes, you will likely have issues as your child grows.


This brings me to my biggest issue with the topic of TV versus children. I strongly believe that your child’s growth and development are dependent heavily on what you do as  a parent. I have a lot of great memories of watching TV with my mom as a kid and I hope Lil Man grows up with those same memories. I also hope to give him a lot more memories that I didn’t have. Things like getting out to the mountains for a hike, hitting the park for a walk, and family reading time, for example. By focusing attention on other aspects of life and so-called ‘healthier’ activities, the TV will not be the Great Evil researchers think it to be.


Since Lil Man was only a wee little baby barely out of the womb, we have been allowing him much more television time than believed to be healthy. Before the age of 2, it is believed that children should avoid all television. There are a lot of ideas why this is the best avenue to take, but when it comes down to it, we simply do not know how the brain develops, especially with regard to television usage and influence, at these young ages. That is actually the biggest argument in support of no TV – we don’t know, so better safe than sorry.

Now, here is what I do know. Lil Man is not even 2 years old yet and has been raised on a good deal of TV. Why? Because Daddy has always loved his TV time so, of course, it will play a largesigningtime-logo part in my family’s life. By the age of 2, there are about 50 words a kid should be saying, with 25 being key words, according to Parent Magazine.  Thanks, in  part to things like BabyFirst TV, Signing Time, and a whole host of other kids’ shows, Lil Man not only blows this list out of the water, but he is also learning sign language. He has never had any developmental issues and continues to exceed most milestones with ease.

While it’s true that only time will tell, I do truly believe that our interactions with our children play a much larger role in our children’s lives than these studies take into account. I will be touching on this subject a lot more on Breakfast with Daddy, but as my coffee is cold and Lil Man is ready to get out and enjoy the day, I think it is time to go for today. Feel free to let me know what you think about the role TV plays in the lives our kids.

Simple Rules to Better Help You Fit Into Society

dog-1033155Living in and being part of society can be difficult for some people. I’m not talking about folks with social phobias or anxieties (like myself). I’m referring to those people who just do not realize that they are not the center of everything. To better help these people, I have come up with a list of rules that I feel will better help them coexist and, if we are all lucky, make these people just a little more tolerable. For today’s lesson, we are going to be looking at how easy it is to be a better friend or a less annoying one which really, is the same thing.

It shouldn’t take too long for any of us to think about the last time we helped a friend with something. As friends, it is our duties to be there when there are bodies to be moved, crime scenes to cleaned up, or any of a number of other disgusting and dirty deeds that need to be done dirt cheap. For some of these cases, there was no actual asking of help. Because we are the salt of the Earth and red-blooded Americans, we simply volunteer our services as we see fit.

Hey, that’s awesome! *Pats you on the back* Good job being such an awesome friend.


So how can we make this exchange even more awesome? By shutting the fuck up! That’s how.

The problem doesn’t come from the gracious offer of help or the actual act of helping, even if you did spend most of the time playing with the dog. The problem comes in the non-stop pissing and moaning your friend has to listen to because you offered to help.

                     “This body stinks.”

“The blood is getting on my new shoes.”

                                      “I’m missing Ancient Aliens!”

Whatever your gripe is, keep it to your damn self. Generally, the situation plays out a little something like this:

Your friend was talking about having to do chore X but for some reason could use an extra pair of hands. Before they could ask, you offer to help with chore X. During chore X, you get a headache, backache, or butthurt in general. It is now your friend’s duty to listen to your whining because you are helping them.


Instead of forcing people to listen to you whine and in turn making them feel like crap, begin your shutting up lesson at the beginning. Don’t offer to help. You can usually tell what the task is going to entail and if doesn’t sound like something you can do without complaining, then simply don’t offer to help. At this point, if you don’t offer, you are not being a douche. Once you offer and complain about, then you are being a douche.

Don’t be a douche.


‘CSI’ and the American Judicial System

For 15 years, CSI has been one of CBS’ top-rated shows, bringing in millions of viewers every week. CSI has also spent the last 15 years committing crimes against forensics. By misinforming the public every single week on a number of forensic procedures, the hit series, as well as its numerous  spin-offs, have created the ‘CSI Effect.’

Crime drama CSI has had many spin-offs, including CSI: Cyber

Image courtesy of CBS

Simply put, the ‘CSI Effect’ causes juries to expect too much. Due to the abundance of evidence such as DNA and fingerprints on crime dramas like CSI, real-life juries expect such an abundance of evidence and costly procedures, which is just not the case.

As we know, forensic science is a very detail oriented job. This attention to detail requires a lot of lighting to see everything, which leads to the moody atmosphere of these crime shows. It is a wonder these crime labs can get anything done with so little lighting. Our labs are very well lit and extremely clean. Any contamination can cause an entire case to be thrown out.

This need for sight extends to the crime scenes themselves, as well. These scenes are always darkly lit. In reality, we have a great deal of lighting at crime scenes. The lights are necessary for a proper and thorough crime scene investigation for everyone involved.

Speaking of everyone involved, there are many people that work on a crime scene. CSI often quenched our action fix by throwing in a gun fight or chase with our beloved CSI team members. While this looks great on television and recruiting videos, there is no action at crime scenes, and especially involving the CSI members themselves.


To be accurate, there are multiple teams that investigate a crime scene. The first on the scene will be the police. Their job is to secure the scene, take statements, and so on. Then come the crime scene technicians. These technicians travel to the crime scenes to gather evidence and analyze the crime scene. They then send the evidence back to the lab where the forensic scientists take over with in-depth analyzation of any evidence found.

While it is possible to collect DNA samples from many scenes, we simply don’t need to spend the precious resources on pointless tests. DNA samples don’t always make or break a case, and with the high-cost and very long wait times to see results, DNA evidence is not submitted for every single case. The same goes fingerprints. While they can be a useful tool in some cases, they are just not left lying around every crime scene. Many criminals have taken to wearing gloves or other methods to prevent both fingerprint and DNA evidence.

Crime scenes, while not action-packed shootouts, can be dangerous places. That is why crime scene technicians always wear personal protective gear (PPE). Technicians are never really sure what they are walking into at a scene, and dangers like crumbling buildings, bio-waste, and even dangerous plant life. The PPE all technicians are required to wear includes many items to help save their lives in the event of an emergency, and PPE never includes high heels.

Even though CSI has been a fountain of misinformation, it has been a show that entertained millions through the years all over the world. With its passing, fans and critics have been praising the show for its acting and character development, though some fans feel it had gone on for too long. If you are hungry for more, you can easily catch up on CSI through Amazon streaming.